My server is SLES11-SP1.

Interface-1 is my primary Internet access and default gateway. It's an
ADSL link at 5 Mbs with static IP's. I get a call from the Cable company
with an offer I can't refuse. Now I have a second Internet connection at
25 Mbs with a single dynamic IP address. I have a spare nic in the
server so interface-2 now connects to the Cable company.

The idea was to use interface-2 for web surfing but I can't see any way
to route only port 80 and 443 traffic. /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2
allows me to specify the subnets and ports to forward but it doesn't
seem to allow me to specify a particular interface.

How do I direct traffic to a particular interface based on port number?

Kevin Boyle
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