I am new to the HA Extension and I have created 2-node Cluster with SLES 11 SP3 for testing. I have created a group which controls two filesystems in a VG and starts several scripts that touch the filesystems. The group starts up ok and I can force failover/migration with no issue. What I am trying to achieve now is having the group stay running on one of the nodes even if the other one is rebooted. I currently have the resource-stickiness set to "infinity". When I reboot the other node and it comes back online the group/resources stop for a second (the scripts terminate / filesystems un-mount) and restart on the node that they were currently on. How can I configure the group/resources not to restart, just stay running on that node?

I found the post below from back in 2012, but in my case I have my resources set up as class="ocf" and provider="heartbeat".


Any suggestions and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.