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> Hi, are there any limitation of using SLES for Vmware and HA extension?
> Situation would be:
> - two Sles for vmware Apache servers in active passive HA configuration
> - hosting on multi node ESXi cluster
> One machine will be mainly locked on 4 nodes of primary site, second on
> 4 nodes of secondary site, but I need possibility to move nodes all over
> ESXi cluster (drs) without downtime.
> HA Apache cluster should be possible to automatically switch to second
> node in case of first node failure.
> Is this possible?

I was originally going to say that I didn't think the SUSE Linux
Enterprise (SLE) High Availability Extension (HAE) was compatible
with SLES for VMware but after a bit of research now I'm not so
sure as scripts for monitoring VMware are included[1].

There is an interesting question about support however since SLE
HAE is supported by SUSE whilst SLES for VMware is supported by


[1] https://www.suse.com/products/highav...eatures/flexib
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If you think that SLESforVMware can be a problem I can use standard SLES. Have you seen or even more such scenario in production?