Everything was working fine for the last two months, but on the first
day of classes my suse server decided not to work.
I had created a web server and attached it to our edir tree. The last
few days I have been creating user accounts on a nss volume and hosting
secure web services. I wrote a program that creates the accounts on all
of our servers on the tree but I accidently pulled the power on the
workstation where the code is ran. It simply creats the folders and
assings the users to a mysql database for auth. I pulled the power on
the workstation while this was going on. Now I have lost connection to
the server and cannot get it to connect to edir. When I ping the
gateway I have about 80-90 percent packet loss. Also the mouse moves
very slowly. I have rebooted the server and the main server and still
nothing is working. When I login to the suse server I can see all my
volumes and everything but I cant brows the internet. It tires and says
that it is loading pages but it eventally gives up. I tried a ds repair
to see what the errors are and it finds the server but it gives an error
that I may need to use advanced options and repair the time sync. Done
it and it doesnt help.
any ideas????


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