Been trying to install the SUSE 11 SP1 x64 onto IBM System X3650 M4 7915 with RAID10 8x300GB HDD, but SUSE was unable to locate any harddisk during the installation, and renders the installation incomplete. Understand that IBM requires to install the RAID driver, downloaded the driver from the IBM official technical website, and I am not sure how it should be extracted/placed into a USB drive for SUSE to detect the driver.

The driver downloaded is an iso file, specifically, named as dud- file. Would like to ask, how actually SUSE reads the driver files, as I know from some technical team from IBM, I need to change the .iso extension to .img extension. The installation guide downloaded from the IBM website says the .iso file should be extract and put the extracted files into USB drive. Both method has been tried numerous of times, but to no avail. The driver update able to see the USB drive, but when I select it, nothing happens. Do I need to make the USB drive bootable? Or simply copy the files into USB drive will do?

Please enlighten me on how to install the driver before starts to install the OS.

Really appreciate any help here.