Because I'm sort-of stuck at SLES 10 SP3 and I want to use Apache
2.2.21, and I can't install the 2.2.21 RPMs due to missing dependencies,
I was thinking that I would install Apache 2.2.21 from source. But I'm a
little unclear as to how Apache is configured when using the RPMs. I
need to be able to "drop in" the server I build from source so that it's
more or less transparent.

Is there a documented procedure somewhere for switching from the SLES
10 Apache RPMs to source? Has anyone here done that and would you be
willing to share the procedure? Or is there documentation somewhere on
how the RPMs are set up so that I can try to do something similar from

I currently have apache2-2.2.14-3.1 along with
apache2-{prefork|utils|worker}-2.2.14-3.1 installed.

Thanks for your help,


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