Good Morning,

This is my first post and I do apologise for the rather basic questions, yet I have been unable to find an answer to this anywhere. I was an Ubuntu for many years but I find it rather unstable and buggy plus the performance of unity is horrible. I tried Opensuse but I preferred Suse Enterprise.

The question I pose to this helpful and professional community is this, Why are is very little software available directly available from the repos? For example on Opensuse if I wanted to install Google Chrome I would terminal
zypper in google-chrome
and it would install and if I needed Qmake to compile a certain app the tools were already installed in Opensuse.

I love the look, speed and performance of SLED but for the work I do I need access to certain applications available under Opensuse like; Qbittorrent (Used for large remote company downloads), Google Chrome (Apps) and few others.

If someone knows of stable extra repos for SLED please let me know.

I thank you in advanced,