kobuse;2132497 Wrote:
> I am running SLES11 SP1 for my SMT server. How do I get rid of all the
> old unwanted updates of previous versions of SLES from my SMT database?
> I had a look at the manual but can not find anything. It is currently
> eating up 66 GIG of disk space. There is a lot of unwanted stuff in
> there.
> Regards, Kobus

Run a -smt-mirror --clean-

run a smt-mirror --help and you will see this command/parameter:

--clean -c cleanup all mirrored repositories. Remove all files no
longer mentioned in the metadata. It does not mirror new files.

I would run a smt-mirror --clean --debug so you can see what it is
doing otherwise it is a little silent with that it is doing.

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