Hi everyone!
First, I'm new to SUSE Linux. (Not very familiar with Linux systems also, but I can follow instructions very well)

In my new office, we have an application running in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (installed in HP ProLiant server computer) When I boot this server, it will normally boot to a GUI Login screen where I would login and everything else works fine (meaning, our application can access an oracle database in the server)

The problem: Now when I start the server, it does not boot to the GUI login screen, instead, it brings me to the terminal with error msgs:
-Failed service in run level 5
-failproc: empty pid file /var/run/blogd.pid for /sbin/blogd

It also asks for a login and when I try to login it says : Error in service module.

* When booting, I also saw "FAILED" in Listener.

*When client application tries to login/connect to the server they get "ORA-1224: TNS: No listener.

I have gone through this post https://forums.opensuse.org/showthre...ighlight=blogd but could resolve my problem.

I'm considering booting with the install DVD and choosing "Repair", should I?
Can you help me please, what should I do here?