On 23/01/2014 16:04, hydepark wrote:

> In researching an issue with my backup solution, it was observed that my
> SLES 11 sp2 OES sp1 server running as a VM on VMWare 5.0 using the
> default network config, is dropping packets. The percentage of drop was
> over 2%. I removed the network adapter and rebooted the server,
> re-installed the adapter and the dropped rate is now about 1.5%. I also
> noticed that another VM running the same SLES config was performing
> about the same. Is this typical of a SLES box on VM? Is this a Linux
> problem or a VMWare problem? The version of SLES installed is not the
> VMWare version.
> Any thoughts would be appreciated.

By "VMware 5.0" do you mean ESXi 5.0 or are you talking about a desktop
product (Workstation, Player, Fusion, etc.)?

How up-to-date are your VMs and VMware?

When you say you removed then re-installed the network adapter do you
mean a virtual NIC your VM uses or a physical one in the VMware server

Have you installed the VMware Tools in your VM?

Which NIC driver are you using?

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