Hi all,

please bear with me, I am quite in-experienced with Linux in general although I am happy to experiment !

I have a Dell R320 rack server on which I have installed Suse Linux Sles 11

(Kernel Linux Gnome 2.28.2

I have to use this installation OS as my primary application, a soft telephone system install, requires this exact release.

The problem that I have is that the Broadcom ethernet adaptors on the server are not recognized / or don't have drivers.

I cannot work out how to find the correct drivers, nor how to install them - I have downloaded several RPM packages from Dell here -


however I cannot fathom how to install the drivers, if I attempt to run the RPM files then i encounter errors

I have temporarily installed a usb ethernet adaptor to the server, but of course I can't use this as a long term solution.

Could anyone help me please to get the on board broadcom network interfaces up and running please ?