Hello everyone! I'm new to the world of linux and I need help with this issue that I am having.

I'm running Suse 11 SP2 x64 and for some reason my PS2 keyboard does not work at all in the login screen. I get no input whatsoever and the numpad/capslock/scrolllock lights only switch on when I connect the keyboard to the computer. It works fine when I go to into failsafe mode with every key working just as it would previously before this issue came up.

I've searched for quite a bit regarding this issue but nothing worked for me. Some places had recommendations like changing things in files in places like


but I don't even have that folder in the X11 directory. I only have the xorg.conf folder.

Another place recommended something like this:

# This is here to serve as a note to myself, and future developers.
# Any Display manager (gdm,kdm,xdm) has the following problem:  if
# it is started before any getty, and no vt is specified, it will
# usually run on vt2.  When the getty on vt2 then starts, and the
# DM is already started, the getty will take control of the keyboard,
# leaving us with a "dead" keyboard.
# Resolution: add the following line to /etc/inittab
#  x:a:once:/etc/X11/startDM.sh
# and have /etc/X11/startDM.sh start the DM in daemon mode if
# a lock is present (with the info of what DM should be started),
# else just fall through.
# How this basically works, is the "a" runlevel is a additional
# runlevel that you can use to fork processes with init, but the
# runlevel never gets changed to this runlevel.  Along with the "a"
# runlevel, the "once" key word means that startDM.sh will only be
# run when we specify it to run, thus eliminating respawning
# startDM.sh when "xdm" is not added to the default runlevel, as was
# done previously.
# This script then just calls "telinit a", and init will run
# /etc/X11/startDM.sh after the current runlevel completes (this
# script should only be added to the actual runlevel the user is
# using).

I looked at a couple other things but I don't have the startDM.sh stuff either.

I'm running Suse 11 with SP2 on an HP Proliant DL380 G5.

Thanks in advance!