I am configuring 2 nodes cluster by installing SLES10 sp4 as OS on both the nodes.
My setup Environment includes:
a). Two Servers(Installed with SLES10 SP4)
b). FC Switch
c). SAN storage
I have performed the configurations as follows:
Step 1: Installed VNC on both the nodes to take the GUI sessions

Step 2: I have installed OES2SP3 and NTP on both the nodes using YAST.

Step 3: I have configured the hacluster pwd on both the nodes by running the following command on both the nodes.
# passwd hacluster

Step 4: I have installed SYSSTAT tool on both the nodes using Yast.

Step 5:I have edit the Kernel file (/etc/sysconfig/kernel) by adding the following line:

INITRD_MODULES="ata_piix megaraid_sas processor thermal fan reiserfs edd lpfc"

Step 5: I have configured Password less SSH on both the nodes.

Step 6: I have performed the heartbeat configuration using Yast on Node-1 and Node-2

Now when I am trying to add STONITH as a cluster resource using Linux HA management (hb_gui)

1. Add items-> native->
2. Resource_id: ssh_stonith
3. Name : ssh
4. Class provide: external/ssh
5. Hostlist: node-1 node-2
6. Using clone

I am able to add the resource, but not able to start it.
Even after clicking on the play button the resource remains offline.

I would like to know whether the above steps which I am following to configure the 2-Node Cluster is proper or not?

Kindly guide me with proper connection diagram and configuration steps.

Thanks in advance!