Hi forum,

the command: smt-client status -v --hostname myhost tells me, that the
Patch Status of myhost is Critical (1 Security Patch and 1 Optional
I wonder, because the window of myhost / yast / online update is
which Security Patch / Optional Patch is SMT meaning?

what I did before:
a) myhost / yast / online update (there where some updates)
b) I installed the updates
c) back to update server
d) smt-job --create -t patchstatus -g "GUID of myhost"
e) back to myhost
f) smt-agent
g) back to update server
h) smt-client status -v --hostname myhost
=> Patch Status: critical

Many thanks for your help!

System: SLES11 SP1 x86_64

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