Hello Everyone,

I could use your advise on the following :
I am running Xen on SLES 11 SP3

On this I have a Windows 7 Pro VM, running a Sybase database.
Database performance is, well, not fast.
I have the 2.1 VMDP installed.
Also I did all the LSO offloads on both the DomU and the DOM0

I also have a OES11 DomU working with my Raid where I have my volumes

Since the database is the companies main program, performance is important

Now I have been checking the throughput with Iperf.
Windows DomU => Dom0 87 Mbit/s
Dom0 => OES11 DomU 5.35 Gbit/s
Windows DomU => OES11 DomU 84.6 Mbit/s

On standard file copy from Windows DomU to OES11 DomU, I am getting 10.000 KB/s which is about the 80 Mbit/s
But when doing a backup from the Sybase database I am only getting 3000 KB/s only.

Can anyone confirm these throughput speeds are normal ?
Anyone ideas what could be causing the delay in database speed ?

Thanks, Stephan