Hello all!

Could anyone have the problem for using the VLC in Mozilla browser on Suse linux Enterprise 11?

Now I install the VLC on the Suse linux Enterprise 11 sp3.
I Install the VLC using command line:
sudo zypper ar http://download.videolan.org/pub/vlc/SuSE/SLE11 VLC
sudo zypper mr -r VLC
sudo zypper in vlc

Then I can play the rtsp stream file use the VLC.
Now I want to play the same rtsp stream file on the firefox using the following html file.

<head><title>Demo of VLC mozilla plugin</title></head>
<h1 align="center">Demo of Firefox VLC Plugin</h1>

<embed type="application/x-vlc-plugin" pluginspage="http://www.videolan.org"
version="VideoLAN.VLCPlugin.2" width="100%" height="85%" id="vlc">

<script language="Javascript">

var vlc=document.getElementById("vlc");
var id=vlc.playlist.add("rtsp://");



But there have a message that a plugin is needed to display the content. Press install the plugin and later there display no suitable plugins were found. Unknown plugin(application\x-vlc-plugin) need manually install.
Then I following the document how to install the mozilla plugin on Debian on command line:
sudo zypper install mozilla-plugin-vlc

But the result that there could not find mozilla-plugin-vlc. And then I try to the following command line:
sudo zypper install vlc browser-plugin-vlc
And it same that there could not find browser-plugin-vlc.

Where can I find the mozilla-plugin-vlc or browser-plugin-vlc of SLES 11? Or I can use the same plugin of Debin or Ubuntu?

Thank you very much!