Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, so i apologize if this information is somewhere here already.

I'm having issue with translating my new laptop with SLED to my local language (Bulgarian). Few days ago I bought a new HP ProBook 450 with pre-installed SLED. I was told my the shop assistant that this Linux can be localized to my local language. As they were officering this service - I asked them to finish the installation for me (as on the first boot up - you need to finish the installation and customize the Linux to your needs) and asked them also to change the language to Bulgarian. Unfortunately - after 1-2 days of trying - they informed me that this is not possible in the shop and I need to find a Linux professional to do this as it's for professionals ). However - I tried to do it on my own. When I open language and check the Primary Language Settings - I can see only few languages but not Bulgarian. I know that there is such a language for Suse as I was installing OpenSuse on my old computer and all was fine. The issue here is that I cannot see this language in the Primary Language Settings drop down menu. I tried to install this language packs, it's already installed but still this is not visible as option in the language module.

As probably I'm not doing something very obvious (probably) - ca you please advise what I need to check. If you need me to let you know any details of the system - please ask.

Thank you in advance for you help.