Hi Dirk and thanks for your reply,

I was not aware of the separate SDK ISO from Novell, good idea to have
it added to SuseStudio. I was told Tomcat is on there too (it's missing
from Studio as well). I also got a reply from VMware / Novell regarding
their support, I presume it's OK to relay this info here as it is
current at the time of writing (please note thought that You should
always check up on support issues with your support contact and not
relay soley on info found on community forums on the net ). What I was
told was that VMware provides 1st line support for the "SLES for VMware"
distribution and 2nd (etc) level support is handeled by Novell. The
"core OS" is supported even if third party repos are added and other
applications installed / compiled, but support technicians reserve the
right to ask the customer to remove any "own" installed application for
troubbleshooting purposes. Which makes totally sense.

So thanks again for your reply, and thanks to VMware for their time in
replying to my questions.


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