On 17/02/2014 18:58, Joseph Marton wrote:
> John Gill wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am connecting to a Cisco ASA. The ability to import a Windoze .pcf
>> config file just makes it a bit easier :-)

> Then why not install the Cisco AnyConnect app?

Anyconnect mobile app has two problems really.

a) doesn't support the full range of options the IPSec thick client
does, so some features from the pcf won't work

b) Cisco license mobile connections (which is what it announces itself
as) separately from desktop connections, so there may be issues there
(not sure that isn't just for the ssl vpn though)

for me, (b) has been a killer - company bought in SSL licences, rolled
out 2FA to laptop users, then found they all wanted to use their droids
and iThingies, but were rebuffed by the server....

Still, better than trying to use openvpn to connect to novell's ssl vpn