we have several SLES 10/11 servers and we've been having lots of
problems in keeping them up-to-date. It seems that one simply can not
trust the zmd to do its work reliably. I have to check cron output for
every host every morning to see if updating still works or not.
Furthermore, I have to keep track if there is no cron output mail from
some host, which would mean there is something wrong with the cronjob
itself, usually rug.exe gotten stuck and multiple copies of it running
on a host, none of them ever finishing.

Anyway, why is zmd seemingly random losing dropping subscriptions to
update channels, resulting is failed automatic update:

Waking up ZMD...Done
No updates are available.

WARNING: Updates are only visible when you are subscribed to a

And the fix is to run the Novell Customer Center configuration,
channels get installed (again) and everything works until it stops
working (again).

Why is this?

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