I too am having issues with the ZMD updating process. I know I am not
the only one now, and I am sure that there are many, many others out
there having issues as well...

I am so frustrated with this patching that Novell has set up, I cannot
even begin to express my anger, frustration and just pure amazement of
why they even have such a flawed system in place. I have almost 30
servers to keep patched scattered all over the world. I simply cannot
do a down server upgrade every time a patch is released. And yet it
seems I need to do that.

Novell, can you please come out wih some clear instructions on the
recommended way to patch...that works! This is getting a little


MikaA;2148494 Wrote:
> Joop,
> we have several SLES 10/11 servers and we've been having lots of
> problems in keeping them up-to-date. It seems that one simply can not
> trust the zmd to do its work reliably. I have to check cron output for
> every host every morning to see if updating still works or not.
> Furthermore, I have to keep track if there is no cron output mail from
> some host, which would mean there is something wrong with the cronjob
> itself, usually rug.exe gotten stuck and multiple copies of it running
> on a host, none of them ever finishing.
> Anyway, why is zmd seemingly random losing dropping subscriptions to
> update channels, resulting is failed automatic update:
> Waking up ZMD...Done
> No updates are available.
> WARNING: Updates are only visible when you are subscribed to a
> catalog.
> And the fix is to run the Novell Customer Center configuration,
> channels get installed (again) and everything works until it stops
> working (again).
> Why is this?

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