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I have used during my career several monitoring tools. One of the most
complete is Nagios, but it is very difficult to manage. For some time,
I'm using Pandora FMS. You can install software agents on each of the
hosts and monitor all everything you want. It's very easy. Also if you
have network equipment supports SNMP, ICMP, TCP, WMI protocols ...
If you have doubts that use monitoring tool I recommend you take a look
at PandoraFMS. It's opensource and unlimited.
An interesting product, besides having to pay for support (Nagios
support is provided in SLES subscription), there appears to be code
modifications to some of the original sources with no notes on what was

Now, it so happens that some of the open source applications used appear
to be developed on the Open Build Service (as well as sourceforge) here;

One particular package I note from the logs was originally copied from
my build at;
a number of years ago and comparing the sources show items deleted and
code modifications to the pristine source, which IMHO is disturbing

We have the original source;
ls -la xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz 533636 Mar 26 12:39 xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz
md5sum xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz
3ebb89ed9380038d368327816e34ec54  xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz
And the development source;
ls -la xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz 372590 Mar 26 12:42 xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz
md5sum xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz
862885e06b65100dca52a57cd8e51f93  xprobe2-0.3.tar.gz
This begs the question as to what other undocumented modifications have
been done on the other open source packages included with your product?

In light of security vulnerabilities etc out in the wild in this
current day and age I would have to consider a full security review of
the products code before looking to implement and in light of this
would rather spend my effort configuring a supported, well known and
secure product such as Nagios for my needs.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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