I recently upgraded from SLES 10.4 to 11.3. However this occurs whenever there is an update. The updates leave behind symlinks. Currently I must have over 100 of them from the upgrade to 11.3. I use apparmor to check the file system and these symlinks get reported in the output ad nauseum. To make apparmor useful now I have to remove them manually or it's just too much garbage to read through to be useful.

SUSE/Novell I hope you see this thread and can figure out a way to remove these dead no longer used symlinks when upgrading. If we have programs depending on them, it does little good to leave them when they point to non-existent files. Perhaps a log file placed in /var/log with the symlinks removed so we can track them if needed? That would help. But mostly I really don't understand why they are left behind. If the OS update knows it's removing the file, I see little reason it can't remove symlinks as well.

The most amazing part of this are the links to what should be obvious changes.
Dead symlink detected at /dev/.udev/db/c4:69
What am I supposed to do with these? There are probably 50+ of them.
ls -al c4:69
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 Feb 22 10:45 c4:69 -> ttyS5 char/4:69
file ttyS5*
ttyS5*: cannot open `ttyS5*' (No such file or directory)

Dead symlink detected at /usr/share/doc/packages/ksh/LICENSE
dead link, LICENSE -> EPL-v1.0

New link made by me LICENSE -> EPL-1.0
Is LICENSE no longer needed? It's obvious the file name changed to the target so why leave the link? SUSE/Novell I hope you are reading this.