Hi, question.

I've got a Xen paravirtualized VM running SLES10/OES2, which is a post office; after the install the admin removed the CD and DVD drives that pointed to the Installation iso files that reside on the phys host to do another VM on that same host.

To apply updates on the first VM, I need to get the installation media back in it's repository.
Thing is, I'd rather avoid creating a DVD and CD drive in the VM if possible, because that'd require a reboot of a very busy GW post office server.

Is there a way I can specify a URL to the location of the ISOs on the phys host? Something similar to the hd:///?device=/dev/xvdc/ thing?
I tried hd:///?device=/Install/ISO/SLES10SP....iso (pointing it to the file) but that doesn't work, which I didn't' really expect it to.
I think it needs to point to a virtual drive (xvd~) off of the /dev directory?

There's no way to do this without rebooting the VM?