I have done a brand new install of SLES11SP3 with the latest patches, and am experiencing a strange problem with a remote VNC connection to this unit. If I connect on the local or WAN using an android Tablet (VNC Viewer) I have no problems at all. However, when I use realVNC from a windows 7 computer, the VNC screen hangs after the login, connection reset occurs, and I am unable to login again. Also, I am now unable to ping the ip address of the server, and the servers appears to have lost lan connectivity. I can still log into the server, but have to do a reboot to get things (networking) working properly again.

I also use the same windows 7 realVNC to connect to another SLES11 SP3 server (which has been upgraded each time through sp1 and 2) which works with no problems. The main difference between the two systems is that the new one has KVM and the older one has XEN.

Anyone got any ideas or pointers which I can try out please?