I am standing up a new 11 sp2 server. I have a single hardware mirrored disk. I want to use volume management for my partitioning, but I ran into an issue.

The boot FS HAS to be in a stand along file system, it cannot be part of a volume group. Other distributions allow me to carve off a chunk, usually 500 MB, for the boot FS. The rest I can then use to create a volume group with.

Basically, I would have 500MB on sda1 and the volume group on sda2.

Suse requires me to use all or none of the disk in the volume group. I carve out a 500 MB slice for the boot file system, but when I try to create the volume group, I get an error telling me there are no available unused disks. If I use the entire drive for the volume group, I can't have a boot FS in the volume group. I tried setting up the volume without even using a boot FS, but then I get an error telling me that I'll have problems booting the system.

So, in order for me to use volume management, I have to waist an entire drive just for the boot slice.

How can I setup volume management in a new installation of Suse?