People have been asking me for a skype call lately, and seeing that SLED11 SP3 has Qt4.6, which doesn't fit in the minimum requirements for Qt4.7 of Skype, I'd like to know how to have skype working on SLED11 SP3.

I already used the guide in some other thread on this forum, and installed the following packages.

yast -i glibc-32bit libasound2-32bit xorg-x11-libXv-32bit xorg-x11-libs-32bit libqt4-32bit libQtWebKit4-32bit libstdc++46-32bit alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit

And I was able to run Skype with no errors showing up in the terminal where I ran it from.

I couldn't login with my new Microsoft account.


I also asked on the skype forum for an older package of skype suitable for dynamic deployment on SLED
and I assigned a special destination port 5505 for skype and opened it in the yast firewall.