Hmmm, now I run a search, I find don't have a file called in my repos. I do

If I go to$RCE/SLES11-SP1-Updates/sle-11-i586/rpm/i586/
and enter my mirror credentials I can see a file called dated 13th Oct 2011.
The file is dated
9th November 2011.

I get cron to email me the output of all the smt jobs but I've deleted
the ones around the 13th October and have just searched them for
mentions of Every
mention is accompanied by the error about checksum mismatch. So yeah,
looks like there's a problem with that file. Given that the file has
been superseded already I wouldn't worry about it too much, though it
might be worth raising a Service Request to point out to Novell that
there's a problem.

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