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Thread: Database error from smt-db

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    Nblackgr NNTP User

    Database error from smt-db


    Currently I am running smt version 1.1.21-0.2.1. All seems functional
    and no visible problems seem to exist, however when running rcsmt start
    (or restart) I am getting the following error:

    The SMT certificate is ok
    Syntax OK
    Shutting down httpd2 (waiting for all children to terminate)
    Starting httpd2 (prefork)

    Restarting service MySQL
    Shutting down service MySQL

    Starting service MySQL

    Shutting down CRON daemon

    Starting CRON daemon

    Installing database failed! No migrations available for 0.16 at
    /usr/lib/SMT/bin/smt-db line 91

    Wondered if anybody has had similar?

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    ataschner NNTP User

    Re: Database error from smt-db


    Unknown to me.
    And you are saying that everything works...
    When did this error start occurring ?
    Have you performed a major version update from an old version of SMT ?
    Could you try installing the current version of SMT (1.1.23-0.2.1) and
    see if the error persists ?
    Does the output of
    # smt-list-registrations
    look sane ?


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    jdsn NNTP User

    Re: Database error from smt-db

    This looks to me like a version downgrade ... or a manual change of the
    database schema version.
    If you have installed smt in version 1.1.21 the database should use
    schema version 0.15 (not 0.16 as in the error message, smt 1.1.21 does
    not even ship the 0.16 db schema).
    You can manually fix the schema version by changing the entry in this
    file: /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.10.0/ (change '0.16' to
    '0.15'). After changing this run "/usr/lib/SMT/bin/smt-db init" as root
    to make sure that the database is initialized correctly.

    Instead you could also install the latest version of smt 1.1.23 (it
    uses the database schema 0.16) or in a few weeks install version 1.1.24
    (with some new features in SMT JobQueue).

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