We have a few HP Proliant DL360e G8 here, and decided to use SLES 11 SP2 on them (as SLES 11 SP3 doesn't seems to support the b120i RAID Controller).

But now we're facing some problems with them:

- The network interfaces only connect to gigabit ports on switch if we use CAT6 cables;
- If I configure VLAN interfaces on the server, it simply doesn't communicates, even connected to 100Mbps ports.

The CAT5e/CAT6 issue is relatively simple to resolve (just buy the cables), but the vlans are just getting me mad.

By the way, I tried also installing a VM with SLES11 SP3, and it worked as expected with vlan interfaces. But if I use SP2, vlan interfaces doesn't work, in a very similar way seen in the DL360e server.