Hi Guhan,
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Am trying to install SLES11 SP2/3 on the Blade 460c G6 server through network, it's starts the booting process and hangs at the "Starting udev..."
I tried to disable the ACPI as some forums says it works but (appended acpi=off in the pxe boot file). Anybody have any suggestion or faced this kind of issues please posts your thoughts.

it's hard to tell what is going wrong - is the server hanging in terms of "nothing goes" or just not getting forward in the install, but still reacting to i.e. console actions? In the former case I'd assume some device driver problem, where reacting to the device activation somehow crashes the system. In the latter case you'd have a chance to further debug the issue.

Have you checked the server manufacturer's pages for details on installing SLES on that machine? Any device driver packs recommended there?