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Suse between AIX systems and data transmission system is very slow, WAN transmission by only 500k, but the data transfer rate between the Suse system is normal, you can reach 2M.
we'd need much more details to get into the picture and to analyze the root cause.

As you're not new here, I'll assume that you mean "SLES" when you say "Suse" - am I right? If yes, which SLES?

Additionally, please tell us how you're transmitting data, in terms of which protocol you use, which clients are involved, and which servers (piece of software).

Next, a short description of the environment might be helpful - a WAN link is involved, is this a physical dedicated connection terminating in routers in your environments? Some tunnel across the Internet? The server end of the connections seems to be a SLES server. The client end seems to be one or multiple AIX boxes, and one or more SLES boxes. Are these all in the same network (subnet/physical network/...)?

There are several factors that influence throughput, not only bandwidth, but also network-added delay. The latter has severe impact on non-streaming transmission protocols, IOW when the client has to wait for some acknowledgment before transmitting the next chunk of data. Typically, transmission windows are used for this, where different clients many use different window sizes, negotiated with the server end. That all by itself might be an explanation.

Are you capable of providing network traces when it boils down to network-specific issues?

In other words, your initial description can only help as a starting point for analyzing this issue - please provide details