I just tried SLES 12 beta2 installation on our x86_64 machine. I enroll the shim-sles.der certificate so that I can proceed the full installation with secure boot enabled.

After the installation, the system reboots normally. But it drops into grub2 shell: grub>

After some investigation, I found that this "grub2" can't find its configfile. Because once I specify it manually as
grub> configfile (hd1,gpt3)/@/boot/grub2/grub.cfg

The grub menu pops normally and I can boot into SLES without problems (with secure boot enabled!!).

The strange point is the grub2's root path includes an extra '@' symbol after the root path. Check this:
grub>ls (hd1,gpt3)/

grub>ls (hd1,gpt3)/@
dev/ run/ selinux/ boot/ lib/ ......


No wonder that this grub2 can't find its way to the configfile because it needs an extra '@' symbol.

Is this grub 2.02~beta2 's bug or the SLES 12 installer's bug?