Recently I moved my system from SLES 10 SP3 to SP4. Update/upgrade has
been done using Software Updater by checking the "move to SLES SP4"
option (all the SP3 patches have been applied before).

Everything was fine (apparentely) a confirmation was displayed at the

Unfortunately, it looks like my system is still running SP3! In
software updater, there is no SP4 entry at all furthermore, running
command "rug ping -a", the output displays: OS Target: SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server 10.3 (x86_64)!

All info I found about the upgrade process just indicates I need to
apply the "move-to-sles10-sp4" patch. Then the SP4 is installed and the
new SP4 patches should be displayed and available for application.

Does someone also got this problem? What do I need to do in order to
realy upgrade my system?
Thanks in advance for your support

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