can anyone currently install the latest glibc-debuginfo package? Like so
for example:

rug in glibc-debuginfo-2.4-31.95.1

Running this against our SMT server produces:

ERROR: 'glibc-debuginfo-2.4-31.95.1' is not available.

But I can see the package is there on the SMT server, but somehow rug
cannot see it. Though one thing is strange about the repositories
repodata directory, it contains these strangely named files:

401dc19bda88c82c403423fb835844d64345f7e95f5b983588 8189c03834cc93-filelists.xml.gz
4372c8f207c64d1837e706043fa0a3d439af7673ff71e08485 5634d5e641e47e-primary.xml.gz
6bf9672d0862e8ef8b8ff05a2fd0208a922b1f5978e6589d87 944c88259cb670-other.xml.gz

In all the other mirrored repositories these files have simple names
without the hex prefix.

Anyone knows more?