Hi Guys,

We are using SuSE 11 Sp2.
Following the way its configured.

The SuSE server in question with the errors is a Sentinel server.
This SuSE server is running on top of Vmware ESX server.
The ESX server is using storage from one of our SAN boxes.

Recently we started to see the error messages pertaining to, unable to use buffer and then I/O Error with respect to the partition [/var/opt/novell] or dm-12.
This is a 2 TB partition with 1.4 TB being already consumed.

Now the real question here is that, is this error being reported from the SuSE or is these an issue with the partition or could this be an issue with the SAN?
What would be my start point to deep dive into this issue? Since, messsage file is providing so lititle info about the error...
Is there is any way I could find out why this issue started?
Currently our focus is to find out why this error is occuring what might have caused it?

Any ideas?
Any pointers?