I have pretty stable system with SLES 11 SP2 and HA. I run Xen virtual servers on OCFS2. (IBM Blade with 3 physical servers)

Now few weeks ago I created new disk image to OCFS2 partition and the problems started. If I try to write to that image it might be that sometimes everything goes well but sometimes it freezes everything. All virtual machines freeze on all physical machines. It's like they can't read or write to disk. Physical machines seem to be working.

And then it seems that the virtual servers won't start for few hours. I mean that I start VirtualServer1 on Host1 it starts and then I start Virtualserver2 on Host1 it hangs freezes both virtual servers. Or sometimes the VirtualServer1 freezes during it boot. Sometimes they freeze and after awhile for example Windows virtual server that it has problems writing to disk and boots or acts weirdly.

No matter if I boot the physical servers or all the hardware or run fsck.ocfs2 (which reports no problems)

Then suddenly after maybe 2-3 hours everything starts to work again. (Until next time I try to write something on the new image)

Thank you!