Hello all,

Please forgive my ignorance here.

I have a SLES 11 SP3 host that I have configured the named server on. All seems well from other hosts. I am getting good answers on forward and reverse lookups for internal and external domains. However, from the named server, I am not able to resolve any internal records.

Here is my setup. (Names have been changed)

Domain: customer.domain.com ;This is a valid external domain but we are running it split. We are not resolving queries from outside, only internal queries.
Static address:
Secondary Address: ;named bound here. Allows easy portability of the service in the future.
Search Suffix: customer.domain.com
Forwarders: &

What I am seeing is that the forwarder and resolv.conf configuration is linked. If I change one, the other will also be changed. I have tracked this to be due to NETCONFIG. My NETCONFIG_DNS_POLICY is currently set to "auto" and the NETCONFIG_DNS_FORWARDER is set to "bind"

In the current state of affairs. If I have the forwarders configured as described, the server will attempt resolution using those public name servers. It will not query its own service.

I guess my question is what is the proper way to flip these switches for things to work properly?

I have found conflicting information that states you should use either or the host IP ( in this case. I have also found information that indicates that using the host IP will result in a loop. This makes sense because the forwarders would be set to the same address and queries would just go round and round.

I have also read that a named server will query itself by default. If that is the case, I would leave the resolv.conf empty?

What I am kind of expecting is to be able to configure the resolv.conf to use internal DNS services and forwarders to use public name servers for records it knows nothing about.

The internet is a great place however it has confused me at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance