Running SLES10sp3 & OES2sp3 with GroupWise 8.0.2 on a NSS volume

I installed updates "move-to-sp4" from the Novell.com site and then
rebooted the server.
The server starts and prompts for Name and Password. Login as "root"
and as the GUI starts, I get the following error:
"The application Nautilus has quit unexpectedly" with a "Restart" or
"Quit" option.
After doing a restarting the application a terminal window opens with
the following information
"Initializing Nautilus_Open_Terminal Extension "
"Initializing Nautilus_Share Extension"
"Terminate called after throwing an instant of

I read a TID that said just run "Nautilus" in a terminal. I tried this
a number of times and the the Desktop appeared.
Now the NSS volume and some other services did not load.
In /var/log/boot.msg I saw that novell-nss, namcd, novell-xregd and
grpwise failed.
So I manually loaded loaded them and all is good.
How do I fix the Nautilus issue which I presume will fix the othe

As usual, all help is appreciated

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