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Yes I understand your installing onto the internal hdd, my speculation is the mbr (depending on your BIOS boot order), may have picked the external usb device's mbr to install on, which can be confirmed in the final install summary, and can be overlooked... I'm guessing the original install is over-written with your vista install?
Thanks for taking the time to make these suggestions. It is working now.

With your point about MBR in mind, I went into the install settings before launching the installation process. Among others I looked at "Boot Loader Location" which was by default set to "Boot from Boot Partition". I figured that has not worked, so decided to change that to "Boot from Master Boot Record". There are 5 different choices for this setting (including boot from Extended Partition, Root Partition and Custom Boot Partition).

With that change it booted after install and completed the configuration part of the installation. It appears to fully work now. If all else continues to check out I will pay the annual fee for Suse updates.

I suppose Suse may want to take note of the system type involved here including that the install was done from an external USB DVD drive. The installer selects a nonbootable option by default.

Thanks for taking the time. It appears to work now.