Hello Simon,

I'm using SLED 11 SP3 and the list of repositories is seen from SUSE Customer Center with the following details: start date:2/11/15 and expiry date:4/12/2015 and Registration Code: xxxxxxxx. Number of registered systems : 1/0 of 1. Zypper command gives me the following two aliases: ATI-Driver-SLE11-SP3 and nVidia-Driver-SLE11-SP3. I can't do anything even install a package from a source code.
Here is the message that I have after registering my product:

Your subscriptions have been imported from the Novell Customer Center and are now available in the SUSE Customer Center
Please follow this link in order to check your imported subscriptions:
Your SUSE Customer Center Team

Please, let me know what I have to do because I am spending a lot of time to figure out what's wrong. I just did a fresh install and here is the kernel version: 3.0.76-0.11-default and the current kernel for SP3 is: 3.0.101-0.46, so what am I missing?