hi there,

coming from Tru64 UNIX and the venerable AdvFS, we have to do a migration to SLES (OK, we're late, admitted).

In AdvFS, we like the pooling facility: set up a file domain, and throw filesets (i.e. file systems) into it, and all will be happy sharing the common free space within that file domain.

Now, as far as I know, the only pooling file systems out there are ZFS and BTRFS.

Although ZFS on Linux is said to be production ready, I fear, from a support point of view, this is not really a choice for SLES systems?

BTRFS is production on SLES 11, but only for root file systems.

Anybody heard if this is about to change soon? Rumours say that OpenSuse will default to btrfs soon, so does that mean that we could hope for Novell favouring btrfs on SLES soon in the near future?

The release notes of SLES 11 SP3 still say

"The tool "fsck.btrfs" tool will soon be available in the SUSE Linux Enterprise update repositories."

and they kept saying this for quite a long time (SP1, SP2, SP3 ).

A discussion here goes into the direction that fsck for BTRFS is not really needed (!)

Opinions on the optimal pooling file system choice welcome!

Regards, Thomas