On 24/04/2014 17:54, mminnaples wrote:

> I am new to Linux I bought a server with SLES 11 on it I was trying to
> install Vmware on it and ran into missing Kernel Header files as I am
> sure everyone has, after getting very frustrated I put on a higher level
> Kernel the default was now it is at but when
> checking rmp -qa kernel* I see a bunch of different kernels
> kernel-default-
> kernel-source-debuginfo-
> kernel-xen-base-
> kernel-source-
> kernel-syms-
> kernel-default-base-
> Does anyone know which ones I should have and if there are some that I
> dont need and how do I remove them what are reprecutions? Sorry for
> asking such a low level question still cannot get this vmware installed
> been working with them for weeks now.

What do you mean by your two references to "[Vv]mware" above? VMware is
the company and they offer several different virtualisation products
which might be applicable here - VMware Workstation, VMware Player,
VMware Server, VMware ESX[i], and SLES for VMware. It would help if you
could specify which VMware product (and version) you mean.

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