Sometime back, about a year and a half ago, I was able to find the
Apache2 RPMs for version 2.2.14 and upgrade Apache on my SLES 10 system.
Well, actually it's a product we sell that runs on SLES 10 that has both
user and kernel code, so upgrading isn't "simple"...

Now, due to security issues found at a customer site, I was hoping to
do that again. But the only RPMs I've been able to find so far are for
Apache2 2.2.21 which has additional requirements and won't install
without upgrading lots of stuff. Does anyone know where I can find RPMs
for the versions between 2.2.14 and 2.2.21? I'd like to get as far as I
can (the actual security hole I must cover was fixed in Apache 2.2.15)
without having to upgrade SLES.

And, yes, I know that Apache security is a moving target, and that
upgrading to anything less than the current version will mean having to
do this again at some point, but I was hoping to avoid an OS upgrade at
this time. We will have to consider upgrading to SLES 11, etc., but I
was hoping to hold off on that for a while...



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