Hi, i need your help.
for days, i attempt to recover important data from primary hdd which running SLES 11.
at that time (while error occurs), i did force reboot and then in the terminal login shown (repair filesystem) #
then i try to follow suggested command there, asked me to run ext3fs .... bla bla and i doest works.

then i did reinstall SLES 11 on another HDD and pull out the failed HDD.
Now, i put the failed HDD as secondary, but in command df -h it is not listed there, it only show /dev/sda1 (new hdd)
i use another command cat /proc/partitions shows:
8 0 1953514584 sda
8 1 1951486818 sda1
8 2 2024188 sda2
8 16 1953514584 sdb
8 17 1951486818 sdb1
8 18 2024188 sdb2

sdb is the failed hdd, please help me how to make it readable in order i could copy the important data from it.