Hi vincent17,
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Hi I am using SLES 11 sp3 with Realtime extension sp3(RT Kernel) .
I tried to run (as root) the rtcheck -v and got the following error:

RTCheck 0.7.6 - Linux Real-Time Environment Checker
RTCheck Initialization:
Locking all memory: ok
Setting up real-time scheduling: ok

System Tests:
Looking up boot_id (220ed37a-7284-4e5f-aede-34de40bfd35b): ok
Checking for out-of-tree RT extensions: failed
Kernel was not built with CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT=y
Checking for robust (PI) mutex support: ok
Testing for acceptable hrtimer resolution (<=100us): ok
Reporting 58us
Testing for acceptable clock resolution (<=200us): ok
Reporting 1ns
Caching results in /var/cache/rtcheck: ok

User Permission Tests:
Trying to lock memory: ok

Some tests failed, exiting with status: 8

It shows checking for out-of-tree RT extensions failed and the kernel was not built. I am sad that I couldn't find any guide which explains how to solve this problem.
Does anyone know how to set it properly to run RT on this OS?
Looking at this old thread https://forums.suse.com/showthread.p...hlight=rtcheck shows that (despite other problems, that lead to that old question in the first place) the out-of-tree RT extensions test then would run successfully.

Are you able to open a service request with SUSE? This might be something they will have to look at. The technical product information page (https://www.suse.com/products/realti...l-information/) explicitly lists
SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension is based on the 3.0 real time Linux kernel, and includes the open source community's latest real time patch setpreempt_RTa set of patches that support preemption with adaptive locks, per device interrupt threads, and priority inheritance.
so "Kernel was not built with CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT=y" does sound strange.

OTOH, some simple checks may help... you have rebooted the system after installation of the add-on and verified that the correct kernel is used (according the the release notes, the RT kernel should be used anyhow, but it won't hurt to check)? Were / are there any packages that might need installation to supply the out-of tree extensions? (As you may have already guessed, I'm not that familiar with the RT add-on, so pardon any silly-sounding questions ).