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Thread: mgr-ncc-sync and client registration using bootstrap script

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    tstrauch NNTP User

    mgr-ncc-sync and client registration using bootstrap script

    I am totally new to this, so please bare with me.

    This is a multi part question. I installed an evaluation version of
    SuSE Manager after seeing it at BrainShare. I went to the NCC and
    retrieved by evaluation code for SuSE Manager and my mirror credentials.
    I walked through the Quick Start guide. SM seems to be set up
    correctly. When I run mgr-ncc-sync -l I get:

    mgr-ncc-sync -l
    Listing all channels you are subscribed to...

    Statuses mean:
    - P - channel is in sync with the database (provided)
    - . - channel is not installed, but is available
    - X - channel is not available

    [.] sles10-sp3-pool-i586
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp3-pool-i586
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp3-updates-i586
    [X] sle10-sp3-suse-manager-tools-i586
    [.] sles10-sp3-gplv3-extras-i586
    [.] sles10-sp3-updates-i586
    [.] sles10-sp3-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp3-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp3-updates-x86_64
    [X] sle10-sp3-suse-manager-tools-x86_64
    [.] sles10-sp3-gplv3-extras-x86_64
    [.] sles10-sp3-updates-x86_64
    [P] sles10-sp4-pool-i586
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp4-pool-i586
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp4-updates-i586
    [X] sle10-sp4-suse-manager-tools-i586
    [.] sles10-sp4-gplv3-extras-i586
    [.] sles10-sp4-updates-i586
    [P] sles10-sp4-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp4-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle10-sdk-sp4-updates-x86_64
    [X] sle10-sp4-suse-manager-tools-x86_64
    [.] sles10-sp4-gplv3-extras-x86_64
    [.] sles10-sp4-updates-x86_64
    [P] sles11-sp1-pool-i586
    [.] sle11-sdk-sp1-pool-i586
    [.] sle11-sdk-sp1-updates-i586
    [.] sle11-smt-updates-i586
    [.] sle11-sp1-debuginfo-pool-i586
    [.] sle11-sp1-debuginfo-updates-i586
    [.] sle11-webyast-sp1-pool-i586
    [.] sle11-webyast-sp1-updates-i586
    [.] sles11-extras-i586
    [X] sles11-sp1-suse-manager-tools-i586
    [.] sles11-sp1-updates-i586
    [P] sles11-sp1-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle11-sdk-sp1-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle11-sdk-sp1-updates-x86_64
    [.] sle11-smt-updates-x86_64
    [.] sle11-sp1-debuginfo-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle11-sp1-debuginfo-updates-x86_64
    [.] sle11-webyast-sp1-pool-x86_64
    [.] sle11-webyast-sp1-updates-x86_64
    [.] sles11-extras-x86_64
    [X] sles11-sp1-suse-manager-tools-x86_64
    [.] sles11-sp1-updates-x86_64

    My first question is, do I need to run mgr-ncc-sync -c against every
    child package of the pools I subscribed to?

    I then brought up a new server (a VMWare VM) installing SLES11sp1-64
    (kernel When I registered it with my bootstrap
    script, I get this at the end:

    * setting permissions to allow configuration management
    NOTE: use an activation key to subscribe to the tools
    channel and zypper install/update rhncfg-actions
    Error setting permissions for configuration management.
    Please ensure that the activation key subscribes the
    system to the tools channel and zypper install/update

    This all seems somewhat cryptic to me since I don't have a tools
    channel (not even available to me from the looks of the mgr-ncc-sync -l
    above). Is this because I'm just evaluating the product? Is it because
    I've chosen the wrong mirror credentials (mine vs the organizations - department's?)? I don't even list any rhn modules to install or

    Last, I get an e-mail from SuSE Manager that states the following:

    This is the SUSE Manager Status Report for your account susemanager, as
    of 10/18/11 11:00:02 PM EDT.

    This email will be sent when any of the following apply:

    1. The system fails to check in with SUSE Manager within a 24-hour
    2. The system registers scheduled action activity.

    Package Install 1

    This really doesn't tell me much. Since I only have the one registered
    system, I can guess which system is at issue, but it really doesn't tell
    me what package failed. Looking at SuSE Manager, I do not see any
    failed, pending or completed actions. So what's up? Is this the result
    of the error I get when registering the client node?

    Thanks for everyone's time.

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