I'm developing a SUSE11/OES11 autoyast installation and have run into a
glitch. I reckon its an easy shell script fix, but my knowledge of shell
scripting is pretty much zero, so please excuse.

The problem I've run into is in populating the hosts file after getting
hostname and ip address with ask. I want to get the conventional hosts
file entry with
# IP-address Full-Qualified-Hostname Short-hostname

However what I get using autoyast xml like this (using ask to
<hosts config:type="list">
<names config:type="list">


# IP-address Full-Qualified-Hostname
# IP-address Short-hostname

and I'm told this is "as designed".

So at the moment I have a line in /etc/hosts of
IP-address Full-Qualified-Hostname
and in /etc/HOSTNAME just the string

So what I reckon I want to do is to read /etc/HOSTNAME into a variable
parse it into say $FQDN and $HOSTONLY and then use sed to edit
/etc/hosts with s/$FQDN/$FQDN $HOSTONLY/

I've got as far as working out I probably need to use awk to do the
parsing, but the syntax of getting the data from /etc/HOSTNAME and
parsing it into the variables is making my brain hurt...

So, how do I do that, or are there any better ideas?

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