I would say that you should try to

1st convert the character coding of the source file to something "neutral" (e.g. WINDOWS-1252) using the iconv utility (run "iconv --list" for a list of available charsets),
2nd you'd do the a2ps conversion you have done before.

HTH, Thomas

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Hello All,

I've been asked to find a way to convert Shift-JS and UTF-8 to PostScript on an older SLES10 installation. Currently I use a2ps for PostScript conversions (sometimes in conjunction with iconv), but a2ps doesn't support Shift-JS or UTF-8. There are many search references to u2ps, paps and uniprint, but I'm not familiar with any of these. It seems that paps could be a good fit for me. Does anyone have experience with this? Will it run SLES10?

I'm open to any suggestions that can accomplish this.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64)

Thanks to all who reply,