John_Gill;2135053 Wrote:
> Hi,
> Running a SLES 10sp3 server as a host to a couple of Windoze virtual
> servers. I want to update the host to SLES11 sp1 and not delete the
> virtual
> machines. I can shutdown the virtual server while doing the upgrade.
> So do I just boot the host with the new SLES11 dvd and select update,
> then
> install the Hypervisor tools and then restart the virtual machines.
> Thanks in advance
> John

Hi John,

Update should work... but it is also possible (depending on how you
have set things up) to reinstall & format the system partitions only
keeping the VM disks and data.
Reinstalling vs upgrading would have my preference as a xen host
usually does not have a very complex setup and reinstalling might be
quicker and go with less hastle then when having to handle post upgrade
tasks and reconfigurations where.

What format do the VM's disks have? Disk based or running of physical
device paths?


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